Become A Volunteer

The Manatee County Family YMCA is a non-profit social services organization dedicated to serving our community. Last year there were over 1,000 volunteers that donated over 11,000 hours. To help you choose an area in which you would be interested, the YMCA has established five categories of volunteers:

  • Program Volunteers

    – Do you enjoy working with children, teaching the fundamentals of basketball, soccer or football? Volunteering as a coach can be a rewarding experience. Also we need help in aquatics, administration, fitness and YREADS! (see below).

  • Fund Raising Volunteers

    – Raise funds through our campaigns (Annual Community Scholarship, Capital or Special Events).

  • Policy Volunteers

    – Serve on the Association Board of Directors, Branch Board of Advisors, on a committee or on a task force.

  • Support Volunteers

    – Work at the front desk of a branch, around the grounds, or greet and give tours.

  • Managerial Volunteers

    – Help to manage or administer YMCA operations or consult on special projects. As a key leader in the community, are you interested in volunteering on the Y Branch Advisory Board? Are you willing to assist individuals and families so they may join or participate at the Y?

The Manatee County YMCA’s success depends on our wonderful volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, contact the YMCA nearest you.

YREADS Needs Volunteers

The YMCA Reads program needs volunteers for its after-school program at Bayshore Elementary School from 3:00 PM-5:00PM, two times a week. The objective of this program is to improve the reading skills of children in grades K-3 at Bayshore Elementary School. Interested? Please print out and complete the print-friendly volunteer application (link below). Contact Dr. Moira Hendricks, YREADS Director, at 798-9622 ext. 408 or by email at