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YMCA Supporters,

We are reaching out to you in need of your help! We are asking that you contact US House Member. Rep. Vern Buchanan to request they co-sponsor the SOS bill which is the bill providing 60 billion for nonprofits directly no matter what size employee base or budget.

We hope to see you back at the Y very soon, but we want you to know that your YMCA has pivoted. We are meeting the needs of our community in very necessary ways by providing childcare for healthcare workers, first responders and essential employees, hosting blood banks, providing pick up sites for quick meals for kids, and more. We need the support of our members and friends now more than ever. Please consider sending this email to ensure support for nonprofits directly.

Below is an email you can use to send to them! Thank you for taking the time to read this email and supporting your YMCA. Click here for US House Member. Rep. Vern Buchanan contact form.

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Our local YMCA is requesting Representative Rep. Buchanan to consider becoming a co-sponsor of H.R. 6408, the bipartisan Save the Organizations that Serve (SOS) America Act.

Building on the critical relief already headed to our communities thanks to the CARES Act, The SOS America Act ensures that nonprofits like the Y are not left behind in disaster relief legislation by taking the following steps:

• Expressly provide charitable nonprofits with $60B for any emergency funding proposals. The charitable sector needs an immediate infusion of $60 billion and a mechanism must be constructed for a rapid infusion of cash to those organizations serving immediate needs in communities facing lost and declining revenue due to the pandemic.
• Create a robust universal charitable deduction. Improve the proposed above-the-line charitable deduction by significantly raising the cap and allowing all taxpayers to immediately claim the deduction on their 2019 taxes and beyond.
• Ensure all nonprofits qualify for the newly created small business loans and remove the 500-employee caps, and will clarify that charitable nonprofits of all sizes are able to participate in the emergency SBA loan program and remove the cap on the number of employees.

The 12 million people working for America’s charities are on the frontlines of the coronavirus response: they are the backbone of the food banks, shelters, domestic violence services, houses of worship, early care and education centers, after-school facilities, and more that are being called on to feed, house and care for people whose lives have been disrupted by closures, job loss, and sickness.

I am incredibly grateful for the work your office is doing to guide our community through this crisis, and I hope that Representative Buchanan will co-sponsor H.R. 6408 to ensure the long-term well-being of nonprofits like the YMCA that provide life-changing programs and services.

For more information on becoming a co-sponsor, please reach out to Olivia Hussey (Rep. Moulton) at

Thank you.

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