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HELD: At The Parrish Family YMCA
Ages 4-13, Tuesday/Thursday at 6:15pm
Ages 14+, Tuesday/Thursday at 7:00pm
PRICE: YMembers $47/Month, All Others $74/Month
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Jamie Rusnak at

Our Northern Shaolin KungFu program is comprised of a comprehensive selection of Shaolin fighting styles, or ‘quan’ in effort to build well-rounded students. The program focuses on four main areas: hand forms, weapons, sparring and practical self-defense applications.

  • Shaolin Traditional hand forms: Hong Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Chang Quan, Qi Xing Quan, etc.
  • Weapons: staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword and cane.
  • Sparring: application of techniques in a controlled combat setting.
  • Practical Self-Defense applications: how learned techniques are applied in real-life situations.

My name is German Garcia, and I am a martial artist with over 37 years of experience. I teach Northern Shaolin Kungfu, but I have trained extensively on several external styles and systems: Traditional Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt), Olympic TKD, Judo, Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu), Chang Quan, Songshan Shaolin Wugong and Modern Wushu. I am also proficient in the Chinese Internal Arts of Taijiquan, Qigong and Pushing Hands. In addition to this, I participate as a judge, coach and competitor in International Chinese Martial Arts Championships, as well as open Tournaments.

Our mission in SLMA is to create an environment for anyone to learn, grow, heal, and/or embrace a healthier lifestyle. We aim to deliver our martial arts with its applications, in an honorable and respectful fashion. We embrace the intention of martial and fitness practices to build our insides and not our aesthetic. Our school will be one of respect, community and sanctity.

Our core foundation is based on “Wu De” or the Chinese martial arts code of appropriate social interaction. Ethics and etiquette is ingrained not only in the culture of China but also pervades throughout the philosophy that holds the society together. There are five points in "Wu De": Respect, Humility, Trust, Honor and Virtue.

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