Important Update Regarding the Parrish Branch (05.06.2020)


The Manatee County Family YMCA has operated a facility in the Parrish Community since October 2009. The facility is located in the “Old Schoolhouse Building” and the YMCA has proudly served the Parrish Community with its programs, services and scholarships for children, families and seniors since its opening. The YMCA has spent more than $250,000 in facility upkeep over the course of 10 years under its arrangement with the building owner, The Parrish Foundation, Inc.

The YMCA originally leased the facility in October of 2009 for a 5-year term. That lease expired in October of 2014; after which the YMCA continued occupancy on a month-to-month basis under the original lease terms, paying all operational expenses and the expenses of upkeep for the 1920’s-era building. Prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Parrish Foundation Board presented the Manatee County Family YMCA with a long-term lease agreement that included continued payment of all maintenance and other upkeep costs of the facility, together with a new requirement to pay additional rent. We are disappointed to announce that we cannot come to terms with the Parrish Foundation and will have to cease usage and operation of the facility. Our original agreement was to provide all upkeep on the maintenance of the facility; and in exchange, the YMCA would be able to provide programs and services to the community of Parrish. We have done just that for the past 10 years, and now the Foundation has decided that the only option for us to continue is a new long-term lease requiring payment of rent in addition to upkeep expenses. Under normal circumstances that would impose a significant and potentially unbearable burden on our organization during these uncertain times it is financially and practically unfeasible. Over the couple of months we have sought an agreement with the Foundation to stay in the building under our current agreement terms, which would allow us to continue to serve the Parrish community. The Foundation has found that to be unacceptable; therefore, we have reached an impasse.

Based on several unsuccessful communications with the Parrish Foundation Board, the Manatee County Family YMCA Board of Directors was forced to take steps to vacate the building by July 1, 2020.

The YMCA and the Parrish Foundation have had a partnership for many years, and it disappoints us that we will not be able to continue this relationship and serve the community through the old schoolhouse building.

While we search for other ways to serve the community of Parrish, we would like to remind you that you are still a Manatee County Family YMCA member and once operations are resume, you will be able to use either the Lakewood Ranch Branch, which is less than 12 miles from the Parrish location, or the West Bradenton Branch as a full member.

We greatly value your support of the Manatee County Family YMCA and the Parrish community. If you have questions, please contact Frank Frey at 

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